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We strive to be a multi-skilled law firm based in Delhi, founded to uphold ethics and human values in legal services. Our firm has a pan-India presence and serves various corporate clients.

  • Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality and innovative legal and professional advice to various clients. We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals. Our areas of expertise include civil, criminal, corporate, IPR, banking and insurance, and competition law.

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Our Legal Practices Areas

Banking & Insurance

We provide services in Banking & Insurance Law in various Forums and Tribunals (DRT, DART, High Courts, CDRF, SCDRC, NCDRC to our clients)

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We provide various services to our clients with respect to registration, licensing & Assignment and litigation(Trademark, Copyright etc..)

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Business Law

We provide quality of services in B to B, B to C w.r.t drafting of various agreement, Contracts Law, Business Law, Company Law

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Criminal Law

We provide comprehensive services for individual and corporate clients to solve the tough Criminal cases to help you.

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Civil Law

Our Lawyers provide quality services to individual & Corporate Clients w.r.t Property, Divorce, Succession.

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Family Law

Our team is tremendously skillful to advise & provide legal services relating to Divorce, Domestic Violence

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Hans Legal Firm Devoted To Our Clients

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    Squads of Lyzo are incredibly professional and understand the situation of their clients and encourage them until obtaining victory

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    Skilled Attorney

    Our Attorneys are creative and skilled and it helps them to find a huge variety of solution to win

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    Legal Proces

    We maintain all the legal documents and papers and start to reach our destination in a legal way



  • 97 Ground Floor, Indria Vihar Delhi, India