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Intellectual Property Rights

We provide various services to our clients with respect to registration, watch services, licensing & Assignment and litigation, (A) Trademark, (B) Copyright, (C) PATENT, (D) Design

  • A) Trademark

A Trademark is your unique identity, which distinguish your product and services from your competitor and your counter parts. A Trademark is combination of one or two letters, words or a design , sign or combination of these. It’s a unique identity of a unique product.

Advise & Services
  • Litigation & Dispute resolution of trade mark     Trademark licensing and assignment
  • Search of Trademark availabity       Registration Trademark
  • Trademark watch services       Domain Names
  • Strategy & Advise       Patent Copyright


Patent is the exclusively right of the patentee. Patentee has exclusive rights to use and assign it with licence to use it.

  • Patent Search     Patent Prosecution
  • Enforcement       Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Advise

  • C) Copyright

  • Copyright Registration     Assignments and licensing
  • Drafting and vetting of terms of use , Privacy Policies and disclaimers of software's
  • Litigation, Dispute Resolution and Advise

  • D) Design

Design a registration of particular shape, pattern or combination of both and configuration of an object is called design.

  • Design Registration     Assignment licensing , Advise

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